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Below are the most common photo booth frequently asked questions and answers. Have more questions? Call our friendly customer service team; we are happy to provide you with the answers you need.

Can we share the photo strips?

Of course! This is your event. Unlike most photographers or photo booth companies, we do not copyright our photos or photo strips. We provide you a CD or flash drive with copies of not only all the photo strips but each and every photo on the photo strips in high resolution. You are welcome to upload those photos and photo strips to your Facebook, website, reprint them...they are yours! If desired, we can even activate a neat feature on the booth where your guest can provide their email address, and the booth will email them a copy of their photo strip in addition to printing out copies.

How easy is the booth to use?

Our Great Grins Photo Booth is very easy to use with a large touch screen navigation with simple on screen commands. Simply choose if you want color or black & white prints and click start. The booth will count down and walk you through your session. If you do have questions, our full time professional attendant will be onsite to assist your guests. We can even customize the screen specifically for your event with your bridal information, corporate logos, event dates, etc.

Do you only do weddings?

Photo booths are popular not only at weddings, but birthday parties, bat/bar mitzvahs, anniversary parties, corporate events, holiday parties, and so much more. We can accommodate just about any event.

Can we customize a message or include our logo on the photo strips?

All of our packages include a custom design for the photo strips. Our customer service team will inquire as to your event colors and themes, and then our artist will design several designs for you to choose from. We also offer backgrounds for the photo strips as opposed to just having a white background. Let our artist design the perfect logo for your event.

I already have a photographer, why should I rent a booth?

We receive this question a good deal of the time. You should have a professional photographer to take pictures of your event itself and capture special moments. However, the photo booth provides your guests a great deal of entertainment throughout your event as well providing them a unique party favor they will retain for years to come. The photo booth allows your guests to let loose, get a little crazy, and simply have lots of FUN! Photo booths are always a hit at any event!

What happens we have a dinner in the middle of the event? Will that cut into our rental time?

We offer "Idle Time" specifically for this reason. Our Idle Time is a reduced rate where the equipment and staff member will be on-site, but the equipment will not be operational for use. Our rate is $30 per hour for idle time. This assures that you are getting full use of your rental time and not paying full rate for downtime during your event.

What are the dimensions of the booth?

Our booth's footprint is 4 feet wide by 7 feet long and stands 6 feet tall. We also bring out a 2 foot by 5 foot long prop table.

Will there be someone to run the photo booth? Or will I need to assign someone?

Our professional attendant will be dressed in our company uniform and will be present throughout the event, taking care of setting up the equipment prior to your scheduled start time, remaining onsite to make sure your guests are familiar with how to use the booth, and disassembling and removing all the equipment when the event is over.

Is there sales tax charged on the pricing?

Ohio law requires all photographers to charge sales tax for photo booth rentals. If you are a 501C non-profit organization or are exempt from sales tax, we are happy to exempt the sales tax from your package, but you must provide us with a completed NC E-595E sales tax exemption form.

How many prints come out after each photo booth session?

We use top quality printers manufactured by DNP. These printers are Sub-Dye Thermal printers and not an ink jet. The photo quality is the same as any photo lab. At the conclusion of each photo booth session, the booth will produce two copies of a 2×6 photo strip in approximately 10 seconds. Unlike other photo booth companies who use a less expensive ink jet printer which may produce photos that smear and must be manually cut, our printers are top-of-the-line, and the strips are photo lab quality and cut perfectly by the machine. Need more copies of the photo strips? You can add the extra prints option which will produce up to 16 copies.

Do you offer a Scrapbook or Guest Book?

Of course! Many brides and grooms take advantage of our memory scrap book offer. Our attendants will bring out blank scrapbook pages and affix a copy of each photo strip to a page throughout the event. Your guests can use various paint pens to leave a special message to the celebrants. We then bring those pages back to our office after the event and assemble them in a keep sake memory scrapbook and ship to you priority the following week. We can also delay shipping should you be leaving for a Honeymoon. Just let us know when you would like us to ship out your package.

How soon in advance should I book the booth?

We recommend booking as soon as you have finalized your date with your venue. Spring, fall, and holidays book very early. We typically advise that you book 3 months in advance if possible.

What is the deposit requirement?

Our deposit is 50% with the balance being due 7 days before the event. Our automated system allows for easy online payments and will send you courtesy email reminders prior to your event about your balance.

What if I need more time during my event?

We never book the same booth back to back in the evenings. More times than not, we get requests to stay an extra hour or two. Should you want more time during your event, simply inform your attendant and we can extend your rental. Our hourly rate is $100 plus applicable sales tax.

How do your prices compare to other companies?

The owners of Great Grins Photo Booth began their business shortly after their wedding in which they rented a booth from a large company. They were astonished at the high price they paid and felt they could provide a top quality booth and better service for far less than the competition. We are proud to offer our booths at a very competitive rate which is almost 50% of some competitors. We encourage our customers to shop around and compare apples to apples. We do not do "all inclusive pricing" because some options may not suit your needs and you would be paying for options you may not need. We allow you to choose your options, and then you can compare. Click here to receive a no obligation quote!

Do I need to provide my own props?

All of our packages include full use of our prop kit which includes an assortment of hats, signs, glasses, boas, and more for your guests to dress up and have fun in while in the booth.

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